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At Airia Brands, we know that our products only perform as well as you do. Critical factors such as proper installation techniques, system design and airflow balance all affect the performance of Lifebreath products.

The Lifebreath Academy course is designed specifically for contractors who are looking to upgrade their skills while increasing customer satisfaction and confidence. As a qualified member, you receive HRV duct sizing software, a graduation diploma, promotion of your member status on the web site, access to sales generating marketing materials and much more.

"The Qualified Member Seal signifies your installation expertise."

Member Benefits

  • Greater Customer Confidence: The graduation diploma, member card, and Qualified Member Seal signify your installation education and expertise.
  • HRV Duct Sizing Software: This software enables you to accurately calculate duct sizing for Simplified, Partially Dedicated and Fully Dedicated HRV Ductwork. A Make-Up Heat calculator is also included.
  • Customer Referrals: Special recognition will be provided on the Where to Buy section of, promoting your Qualified Member status and your commitment to quality service and superior installations. Thousands of prospective Lifebreath buyers visit our site in search of dealers in their local area, and this recognition will refer them to you.
  • E-News: As a graduate of the program, you will receive timely Lifebreath e-news, that will give you the “inside track” on Lifebreath product announcements and industry events.
  • Member Seal: As an Academy member, you can proudly display your Membership status with the Qualified Member Seal. The artwork will be provided on request, to lend support to your own advertising.

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