Commercial 455FD/DD Re-Design

May 1, 2017

Dedicated to continuous improvement and product development, Airia Brands Inc. (Lifebreath) is pleased to announce a completely redesigned 455 FD/DD Heat Recovery Ventilator.

The Commercial Series 455 FD/DD units have been upgraded to provide greater airflow, higher efficiency and a broader range of installer friendly features. 

Improved features include:

High efficiency HEX core: the redesigned cabinet now incorporates our patented optimum efficiency HEX aluminum core. The new core gives our units the highest efficiencies and shortest maintenance cycles in the industry.

Field Reversible: Installers now benefit from electronics that can be located on either side of the cabinet

Service features: Unit has front and back access panels, blowers slide easily in and out from either side, providing greater installation flexibility and service accessibility.

Filter option: Optional MERV 8 filter available for better protection against dust and other small particles

Cabinet Size: 33 ¼” W x 38 ¾” H x 29” D

455 FD/DD Status:  in production and available to order now!
Part #’s
200-455DD    (damper defrost model)
200-455FD     (fan defrost model)

The new 455 FD/DD units replace the existing 100-455FD and 100-455DD effective immediately.


For more information and technical specifications please visit or contact your territory manager.