Our best just got better!

March 10, 2017

Lifebreath announces our new RNC5-HEX Heat Recovery Ventilators.


Dedicated to continuous improvement and product development, Airia Brands Inc. (Lifebreath) have redesigned our timeless and most popular compact HRV’s, the RNC5 family.

Our new Lifebreath RNC5-HEX-TPD and RNC5-HEX-TPF models have incorporated our patented optimum efficiency HEX aluminum core to bring you the most efficient compact unit on the market. They provide the highest ratings for North American energy efficient home programs, including updated building codes and builder packages such as Ontario’s OBC2017 and Novoclimate 2.0 in Quebec.

Lifebreath will continue to manufacture and market our current square core RNC5 products (TPD, TPF, ES) indefinitely as they will continue to meet or exceed building requirements in other jurisdictions, and at a slightly lower price point.

The Lifebreath RNC5-HEX-TPD and RNC5-HEX-TPF offer the residential new construction market   convenient features. Contractors will appreciate the RNC5-HEX units as they are simple to install, balance and service and are backed by our 5 years parts warranty and Lifetime warranty on the core.

Lifebreath offers easy to use basic controls as well as our deluxe digital control along with our industry leading wireless timer (DET02) to save contractors time and money.

RNC5 HEX Status:  in production and available to order now!

Part# ‘s

100-RNC5-HEX-TPD    (recirculating damper defrost model), ideal for cold climate zones

100-RNC5-HEX-TPF     (fan defrost model)

Standard features include:


  • Patented aluminum HEX core with Lifetime Warranty
  • Sensible Recovery Efficiency (SRE) of 75% at 0°C 32L/s
  • Intelligent damper motor with “Ice Breaker technology”
    • Exclusive to Lifebreath (TPD version only)
  • Simplified control strategy
    • All Lifebreath ERV & HRV residential models are compatible with any of our controls
  • Convenient hanging straps
  • 50-110 CFM range available
  • Top port model
  • Three selectable high speed settings
  • Multiple control options available
  • Energy Star qualified
  • Integrated drain