Bringing compact to a new level, The METRO 120D offers factory set balancing, Low profile cabinet that fits in bulk head and drop ceilings with a slim height 9.75”
  • Designed for high-rise condos, apartments and townhomes with limited
    mechanical space.
  • Low profile, fits in bulk head and drop ceilings, slim height 9.75”
  • Factory set balancing 
  • 50-130 CFM operational range
  • 3 High speed selections
  • Brackets included for easy install
  • Aluminum HEX Core for superior energy transfer
  • Damper Defrost
  • Multi-positional drain
  • HVI Certified
  • Removable motor and electronic assembly for easy
    maintenance and servicing
  • Swing open e-box cover for quick access to circuit board and dip switches
  • Convenient hinged door – no screws
  • Outside air connections on same side of unit
  • Powered damper close off outside air


CFM Range: 

Accessories - Optional

Digital Wall Control (DXPL02)
Basic Wall Control - BC02
Basic Wall control - BC03
Basic HRV/ERV Wall Control - BC04
Wireless Timer - DET02
20/40/60 Minute Timer - DET01
Dual Hoods
Weatherhood Kits