How Does It Work?


Lifebreath Ventilation Products (HRV/ERV) move stale, contaminated air from inside the house to the outdoors. At the same time they draw fresh oxygen-laden air from outside and distribute it throughout the house. Stale, polluted air is constantly being replaced by an equal quantity of fresh clean air.

As the two air streams pass through the unit they do not mix. They pass on either side of our exclusive and patented aluminum heat-exchange core in HRV’s, or enthalpic core in ERV’s transferring heating/cooling energy from the outgoing air to the incoming air. The efficiency of the Lifebreath HRV and ERV is so great that virtually none of the warm/cool air collected from your home is lost to the outside. In summer, HRV and ERV's work in reverse - removing heat from the incoming air and transferring it to the outgoing air, to keep your home cool and fresh.