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Lifebreath 2000 IFD Large Commercial Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)

Model: 2000 IFD-208SP, 2000 IFD-240SP, 2000 IFD-2083P, 2000 IFD-2403P, 2000 IFD-4603P, 2000 IFD-5753P

Airflow's up to 2500CFM; Fan defrost, single phase, single speed unit, designed for interior installations. Various duct configurations options available.

Warranty: Units carry a 15 year warranty on the HRV core and a 2 year replacement parts warranty.
  • 8x Cross Flow Cores
  • Interior installations with duct connections on the ends.
  • Microprocessor circuit board with built in interlock contacts.
Voltage N/A
Frequency 60 Hz
Phase 1
Current 20 A
Airflow High 2300 CFM
Static Pressure 0 IN. WG
Weight 330 lb
Drain Yes