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Lifebreath 2000IFD Large Commercial Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)

Model: 2000IFD

Airflow's up to 2500CFM; Fan defrost, single phase, single speed unit, designed for interior installations. Various duct configurations options available.

Warranty: Units carry a 15 year warranty on the HRV core and a 2 year replacement parts warranty.
  • 8x Cross Flow Cores
  • Interior installations with duct connections on the ends.
  • Microprocessor circuit board with built in interlock contacts.
Voltage N/A
Frequency 60 Hz
Phase 1
Current 20 A
Airflow High 2300 CFM
Static Pressure 0 IN. WG
Weight 330 lb
Drain Yes
Motors and Blowers ODP 2HP, single shaft Motor and variable sheave belt driven forward curve blower on each stream.
Core The cross flow heat exchanger balances efficiency, compact size and excellent cold temperature performance. With our recirculation defrost strategy the sensible heat recovery efficiency (SRE) at -25C (defrosting) can be within a few percent of the 0C SRE (no defrost) delivering significant energy savings. Each core is tested to ensure low leakage.
Defrost Fan
Serviceability Slide in and out core/filter. Service clearance 30 in. both sides.
Case 20GA Powder Coat steel exterior.
Insulation Unit includes metal lined sides and roof panel with 2" fibreglass insulation (R8) between lining
Filters Two, MERV 6 rated, 16"x25"x2" Pleated Filter
Mounting Unit set on support brackets hung by threaded rod type apparatus.