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On average, that’s how many breaths you take in a day.
How many would you say count?

Because Breathing Matters

Keep Your Air Fresh While Conserving Energy

Your home was built to be energy efficient, and Lifebreath’s HRV helps it stay that way. In winter, the HRV’s patented aluminum core transfers heat from outgoing, stale air to incoming fresh air so that it doesn’t need to be fully reheated. In summer, the HRV works in reverse, removing heat from incoming air, helping your home stay cool. Lifebreath HRVs gives you fresher, cleaner air without adding load to your heating and air conditioning.

About Lifebreath

Coming Clean About the Air We Breathe

90% of our lives are spent indoors
Homes are nearly airtight, trapping in pollutants
According to research, the air indoors is 7 times more polluted than outdoor air.

Replace Stale Indoor Air With Fresh, Pure Outdoor Air

Imagine the fresh air and moderate temperatures of a spring day. It’s a time when most of us feel energetic and upbeat because we’re outside, breathing deeply and getting more oxygen than we normally get with stale, indoor air. Bring that fresh air into your home year-round with Lifebreath.

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