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Lifebreath 130 ERVD Residential Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)

Model: 130 ERVD

Top port, compact design. Unit features intelligent defrost damper motor exclusive to Lifebreath. Our premium ERV is HVI certified for cold weather, offers 3 select high speed settings and automatic defrost system. SRE @ -25C (-13F): 57% 65 CFM (31 L/s)

Warranty: Units carry a 5 year warranty on the ERV core and a 5 year replacement
  • Enthalpy Exchange Core
  • Door Port Balancing & Adjustable Dampers
  • Top Ported
  • -25C HVI Cold Weather Certified ERV (no drains required)
Voltage 120 V
Frequency 60 Hz
Phase N/A
Current 1 A
Airflow High 137 CFM
Static Pressure 0 IN. WG
Weight 51 lb
Drain No