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Lifebreath 130 ERVR Residential Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)

Model: 130ERVR

ERV for warm moist climates, unit has recirculation function. Significant saving by reducing AC load.

Warranty: Units carry a 10 year warranty on the ERV core and a 2 year replacement
  • Enthalpy Exchange core
  • Door Port Balancing & adjustable dampers
  • Top Ported
Voltage 120 V
Frequency 120 Hz
Phase N/A
Current 1 A
Airflow High 115 CFM
Static Pressure 0 IN. WG
Weight 23 lb
Drain No
Motors and Blowers two independent motorized impellers
Core Energy recovery core (ERV) is a crossflow exchange that incorporates a selective membrane for moisture transfer without allowing cross contamination of the air streams. Used for balanced mechanical ventilation in humid environments to reduce air conditioning (AC) energy cost. Water condensation by the AC is reduced by allowing water vapor from fresh air stream to migrates across the membrane into the exhaust stream. In colder climates, moisture transfer is reverse and the unit helps to moderate humidity and the core is a highly efficient heat exchanger. Each core is tested to ensure low leakage.
Defrost Recirculating
Serviceability Latched door to allow easy access to core and filters for cleaning. 25" clearance recommended.
Case 20GA pre paint galvanized steel
Insulation 3/4" foil face Styrofoam
Filters Washable on supply and exhaust
Mounting Typically hung with supplied strap and hook kit.