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Lifebreath 700 Pool Commercial Pool Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)

Model: 700Pool

Airflow up to 700CFM; Designed for indoor pool applications this compact unit delivers installations and operating cost to be less than alternate dehumidification systems. Access door located on front and back, blowers slide easily in/out for service and maintenance. Field reversible. Option to add MERV 8 filter (99-65-183). Includes remote dehumidstat.

Warranty: Units carry a 15 year warranty on the HRV core and a 2 year replacement parts warranty
  • Contains 2 AHRI 1060 Certified 68-222 HEX Cores
  • Field switch side access panel allowing either side maintenance access.
  • Upgraded for pool applications, lowest cost compared to other dehumidification installations.
  • Microprocessor circuit board with built in interlock contacts.
Voltage 120 V
Frequency 60 Hz
Phase 1
Current 9 A
Airflow High 700 CFM
Static Pressure 0 IN. WG
Weight 118 lb
Drain Yes